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NOVA INSTRUMENT SDN.Bhd., was founded in 2009, with the objective to provide“THE BEST PRICE AND-QUALITY PRODUCT” in the supply of instrumentation, scientific equipments, specialty cleaning detergents, laboratory glasswares & plasticwares, biochemicals & electrophoresis, filtration products, sealant / lubricants & greases, environmentally friendly biodegradable cleaners, laboratory equipments and consultation need to cleaning applications to industrial, academic and medical sector in the Asia-Pacific region.

The human resource consist of a managing director, a technical consultant, sales coordinators, administrative support and a strong force of delivery personnel to provide fast and efficient response to our customers’ orders. Our main office supports the northern region of Malaysia and also export to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and China; while regional agents cover other parts of the Asia-Pacific market.

We are the best supplier for :-


Fisher Chemicals

Laboratory reagents.


Sigma Aldrich

Organic / Inorganic reagents & Labwares.


Fisher BioReagent

Melecular Biology, Protein Chemistry & cell culturebiosciences



Laboratory instruments.



Proven solutions for electrophoresis.


Pall Filtration

Filtration, Separation, Purification & Detection Products



Pressure Transmitter.


Liquid Engineering

Cleaning & Maintenance Chemicals.


Fisher Controls

Specialty cleaning & maintenance detergent, adhesives, Lubricants / greases, degreaser.


Acros Organics

Laboratory reagents.


Serva Biochemicals

Biochemicals & Electrophoresis.



Sigma Aldrich laboratory chemical for acids & bases, solvents

We also provide other brands as below:-

  • Merck
    • R&D chemicals for research and professionals.
  • Pyrex
    • Wide range of laboratory glass apparatus
  • Nalgene
    • The complete range of laboratory high quality plastic ware supplies.
  • Kartell
    • The complete range of laboratory high quality plastic ware supplies.
  • Brand
    • The complete laboratory glass apparatus supplies.
  • Whatman
    • The filtration product for laboratory use.
  • Hanna Instrument
    • Laboratory analytical instruments + electrodes, chemical reagent kits & buffer solutions.
  • Barnstead International
    • Analytical instruments for R&D laboratory
  • Branson
    • Manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaning machines of various sizes.
  • Wheaton
    • The complete laboratory glass apparatus supplies.
  • Advantec
    • Filtration products for laboratory & production applications.
  • Kimble Kontes
    • The complete laboratory glass apparatus supplies.
  • Isolab
    • Wide range of laboratory glass apparatus.
  • Memert
    • Heating / Cooling oven, incubator climatic chamber, steriliser & vacuum oven .
  • Hischmann
    • Wide range of laboratory glass apparatus .
  • Duran
    • Wide range of laboratory glass apparatus .
  • Quickfit
    • Wide range of laboratory glass apparatus .
  • Nice
    • Wide range of laboratory glass apparatus .
  • Hach
    • Water quality testing & analytical instruments & reagents .
  • Shimadzu
    • Electronic balance.
  • Mitutoyo
    • Measuring & testing instrument .
  • Ika
    • Liquid handling instrument.
  • RaxVision
    • Microscope & inspection system .
  • Nasco
    • Safe laboratory sampling bags.
  • Fine Chemicals
    • The high quality laboratory reagent
  • MLC- Kleenview
    • Specialty vehicle windscreen cleaner.
  • Kleenair
    • In-door air conditioning condenser coil cleaner, DIY product, non toxic & biodegradable.

The company is always dynamically seeking new fields of venture to expand on the product range to exceed the needs of the ever growing Asia Pacific region.

Short Term Plans include:
1. Opening new branches to support new Asia Pacific markets
2. Increase skill human resources to provide an even better service & experience to customer.
3. Continue to set up new product lines to cater market demand.

Long Term Plans include:
1. Expansion of warehouses to provide better off-the-shelf services to our customers and exceed their just-in-time products delivery.
2. Construction of in-house laboratory and training centre to provide better consultancy and training services.
3. Export to other part of the world.
4. ISO certified management company.

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